Food Packaging for Promotional Purposes

Food Packaging Material

Food packaging has now become an important part of our lives. So what do these food industries do is print their brand name on the food packages to promote it. Various components used for this purpose include color, pattern and wording.  It is when these elements are used to its maximum is when a perfect marketing copy comes out.

Food companies have now realised that now marketing and branding of their products are also as important as the safety measures that you take at the time of packaging. The more colourful and attractive your food package is the more you have chances of your consumers purchasing and relishing it repeatedly.

When I dig down several surveys it showed that the packaging that was attractively designed along with being healthy and nutritious inside were sold sooner and more in number as compared to a packaging that wasn’t designed nicely.

Thanks to the wonderful designers who are doing great job and coming up with fabulous designing and colouring ideas that gives a boost to these food packages and Printed Food Packaging Material and indirectly helping in selling the brands across.

Food items like chocolates usually get sold highest on valentine days and on Christmas time which is why the seller who has the best knowledge of how to sell the product with the help of attractive packaging makes more profit during these days!

Coming to the Content or the wording on these packages are an important aspect of packaging. Packaging companies offer printing as well where different kinds of packages are printed in different ways using different important wordings required by the company.

Different words and slogans are used right on the Food Packaging Material and packages in order to ensure that they are able to lure more consumers.

Therefore designing and printing of the food packets is more important from the point of view of consumers these days!

Paper Packaging Material

Paper Packaging Material

Uses of Paper Packaging Material

When it comes to packaging industries we always think about the materials that are used in these industries. Paper, paper board, plastic, glass, metal and wood are the packaging materials used to name it a few.

Here are few of the benefits of using paper packaging material for packaging food, medicines and other pharmaceutical products.

  • Paper is cost effective
  • Can be shaped in cartons making it hold its shape and not break easily
  • It can be easily decorated

These papers can be laminated with plastic films to make it stronger with a matt, embossed or gloss finishing.

Papers can be shaped into labels, tubes, cases, rigid boxes, cartons and many other forms for packaging purposes.

Papers can be shaped into labels, tubes, cases, rigid boxes, cartons and many other forms for packaging purposes.
Different types of papers have different qualities which have different properties.
Paper and board are the materials that are generally used for packaging foods like liquid foods, dry foods, potato chips and many more.

Food Packaging Material & our daily life

Food Packaging Material

We come across many kinds of foods and the packaging in which it is packed, from breakfast to dinner. Your breakfast cereal to your aluminium foil in which you wrap your lunch to the dinner where jars are used before the food is cooked.

Yes we don’t notice it much but food packaging material plays an important role in our lives and pretty much defines the way in which we really care about our health.

Packaged food is very convenient in cases where you just want to hog on to something after every short span of time.

Jam-packed with numerous full of great benefits food packaging is something that has become inevitable in our lives. Packaging keeps the food safe and fresh. From protecting food at the time of travelling to its long lasting capabilities makes it even more beneficial for safe carrying of these food items.

Here are different benefits of different type of food packaging material:

Glass along with keeping the nutritional benefits of the food intact it preserves the taste of food.

Paper is also a good food packaging product that is used for foods that to be consumed fast. Multiple layers of paper with plastic film are used for packaging material like tetra packs or for storage of cheese or butter.

Plastic packaging materials is the most beneficial for food packaging purpose as it has brought a phenomenal change to the way we used to package food previously.

The reason behind plastic being so popular is it highly mouldable into different shapes is cost effective, light in weight easy to seal and very durable.

Thanks to the food packaging industry that makes the life of the consumers better and convenient for carrying different food products around.

Benefits of Plastic Packaging Materials

Plastic Packaging Materials

Plastic Packaging Materials & its benefits:

Durability and the ability to keep the food free from contamination are the main benefits of Plastic Packaging Materials. If the conditions are right a single plastic container or plastic packaging material can last very long such that it can be used and reused for several purposes.

Plastic materials are ideal for the food that has to be taken to several places and where huge amount of transportation is involved.

Another important feature of plastic is its flexibility. It is due to this flexibility that the plastic is not broken or it can be moulded and tilted the way you want it. Also flexibility keeps your food safe and free from contamination.

Few Other benefits:

  • It keeps your food safe in extreme conditions
  • Retains freshness
  • Plastic can be moulded and changed the way you want it
  • Comes in different shapes and sizes

Laminated Pouch India

Laminated Pouch India

Benefits of Lamination Pouch:

Lamination is a thick plastic layer that protects the document and strengthens it. If images are laminated it simply increases the life of the image. Laminated pouches are available with different thickness levels, 1.5mil, 3mil, 5mil, 7mil and 10mil respectively.

1.5mil Lamination

These are quite thin and not much popular amongst vendors though if you have to perform lamination in bulk on many sheets together this could be a good option from the cost point of view.
3mil laminated pouches

3 mil laminated pouches

3 mil laminated pouches are majorly used for lamination required for large sized documents. The level of protection here is a bit higher than 1.5mil comparatively.

5mil lamination

These are good for small documents like visiting cards, credit cards and identity cards. Though it gives a basic level of protection which is less as compared to the 7mil and 10mil laminated pouches.

These laminated pouches are available in plenty in India and one can avail any of the above thickness levels as per your requirement and the size of the document.

There are several manufacturers, exporters and suppliers who provide good quality Laminated Pouch India.

Key Benefits of Food Packaging Material

Food Packaging

Food Processing and Food Packaging has come a long way. The major advances in the food industry have actually helped in safeguarding food like never before. In simple terms packaging of food items keeps the nutrition in the food intact even if it is opened after a long period of time. The food remains absolutely safe from outside contamination, damage and other such influences like external influences, biological influences and physical influences.

The main and obvious benefit of using food packaging material is that it can expand the shelf life of food within it by retarding the product deterioration process.

Have a quick look at few benefits of food packaging material company:

  •  To contain food
  •  To sustain the quality of food
  •  To safeguard food
  •  to keep the nutrition of the food intact

Food Packaging Creates Brand Image

Right from the onset of the food industry packaging material has a major role to play here. Food Packaging Material has become a necessity than a choice from a long time back. The Packaging Material Manufacturers have therefore been into existence since then.

The focus of the retailers is such that until the food is sold to the end consumers and till the time it is consumed by the customers the food should not loose its nutritious qualities and must remain fresh.

How is it beneficial for the food industry?

The extended shelf life that comes with the packed food allows the food packets to be distributed to large scale of retailers that are spread across many areas.

A packaging that is done well reduces the chances of leakage and deterioration of food due to impact at the time of transportation.  The Packaging with brand names helps create the brand name for the producers.

Moisture, bacteria, air and light are the major factors that are responsible for contaminating the food.  Therefore the quality of packaging material has to be best in order to keep the food safe.

Food Packaging Material Industry

Food Packaging Material

Food Packaging Material manufacturers take utmost care and use quality raw material to ensure that the food is not contaminated while it is in the packaging stage.

There are many disadvantages of foods that are left loose or open after processing as the chances of contamination is high as there is a chemical, physical and many other biological contacts that happen till the time it reaches the end-consumer.

This can badly affect the brand image and reputation of the food processing company as a whole. Therefore it is very important to ensure that these companies deal with various food packaging material companies across India to help them ensure safety of their food.

Food Packaging these days have taken center-stage in the food industry as more and more relying on packaging industries as this has improved the quality of food and its safety till the time it reaches the final consumer.
Food Packaging increases the Shelf Life of the food:
Food Packaging is also beneficial when it comes to increasing the shelf life of the food.  Shelf life is the time duration from the day of packaging to the time it no more remains perishable for consumption. Packaging industries are making a great success in delivering quality material to the beverages, chemicals, pharmaceutical and food industries.
Benefits of Food Packaging includes:

  • Healthy
  • Durable
  • Increase in shelf life of the packed food
  • Efficient and easy packing and unpacking of food

Importance of Zip Lock Pouches

Zip Lock Pouches are ideally very convenient option for carrying dried food or snacks around where frequent opening and closing of the pouch is required.

These Zip Lock Bags or Pouches can be used in many different industries which include food packaging industry and many other consumer durable industries.

The much-hyped popularity of these type of bags is because of its capability of being reliable. These bags keep from leaking and resist the entrance of foreign elements that might contaminate the food products inside.

Therefore Zip lock pouches offer high level of quality making food packaging and maintenance easier for varied food industries.

From carrying microchips to similar other sensitive materials and food items these zip lock pouches just safeguards almost anything that fits in it.J

The Zip Lock Pouches are made of LDPE plastic film or polyethylene in low density. These bags are available in varied shapes and sizes depending on the requirement of the customer or in accord with the industry specific requirement. Also These bags are usually made in such a way that it meets the FDA and USDA specification recognized in the food packaging industries making it safe for the end users.

Advantages of Polyester Laminated Roll

Over a period of time lamination in the trade has gone through many expansions having new technology and improved quality.

Lamination is just as natural as Foil Stamping. Although with hot stamping foil you can have numerous choices.

There are different types of lamination and the thickness of one varies from the other. These types of lamination include Polypropylene (OPP) Lamination, Polyester (PET) Lamination and Nylon.

Amongst these polyester is one of the most famous and prevailing kind of lamination process in the market.

The polyester laminated roll is great when it comes to having scuff resistance capability and high level of durability. With Polyester Lamination the printed material will have a longer shelf life thus leaving a good impression on the end consumers.

Polyester has a glossy property which is quite remarkable making the packets outshine from its other counter parts.

Thus the food industry now prefers polyester made laminated rolls as compared to similar other material available in the market.

 Types of Polyester Laminated Roll include:

  • Polyester, aluminum foil LDPE
  • Polyester metallized BOPP
  • Polyester metallized polyester LDPE
  • Polyester BOPP
  • Polyester CPP
  • Polyester LDPE
  • Polyester, polyester LDPE

Stand-up Pouches

Packaging of a product is important, if usually unappreciated, component of retail product sales. Convenient, contemporary and sustainability are the fact of this format of Stand-up pouch. They can be also established for reclose-ability, such as zippers, and for easy opening, such as linear tears. It also makes the product look fresher

Stand up pouches are always very good for so many packaging conundrums! Marketing the products in stand up pouch permits them to stand apart from those of competitors for several reasons, not the least of which is that your brand will stand up on the shelf and grabs the attention of the shoppers.  Stand -up Pouches are the one recommended. This style of pouches allow to feature information about product, company, website links and even a QR code, all of which allow the product to basically speak for itself.

Gusset in the base allows them to stand and have a nice flat surface for a label. A Stand-up Pouch is a flexible rectangular storage bag which can be closed and opened many times with the help of a zipper. These pouches are also food grade and suitable for foodstuffs such as nuts, spices, pickles, sandwiches, and freezer storage. Single and multiple small items for sale are often packed in small zipper Stand-up pouch of for convenience and visibility.


Our Reach

Bottom Gusset Pouch

Stand up with zipper pouch

Stand up with Slider Zipper

Semi Stand up pouches

K Type Stand-up pouch

Brick Type Four Side Seal Pouch


They are also food safe and make excellent “SNACK PACK”S for school, work and picnics


Product labels/stickers are ideally suited for the products of each pouch on the front and back panel. The barrier readily accepts custom printing (in up to 9 colors) customized to the exact specifications. The bag panels can be made from clear/translucent foil film layers. You can, if you like, combine any of these features for a more visually arresting package appearance.


Stand up pouches are made by laminating multiple layers of scientifically-formulated and, if necessary, food-grade film. Depending on the products requirement, stand up pouches are capable of safeguarding contents from air, light, odor, pests, vapor and/or moisture. Being the construction design of stand up pouches, a minimum of outside packaging is required in transport, reducing the brand’s carbon footprint on the way to market which is equally beneficial.


Stand Up Pouches have altered the face of consumer packaging for such products as coffee, fruit juice, and soup mixes. Using materials such as metalized films, foil laminations, and custom blended barrier films, our stand up pouches are constructed to not only be appealing but functional. Stand up pouches give retailers new opportunities to display products and maximize shelf space and manufacturers reduce their packaging costs by eliminating the “old style” bag-in-a-box method of packaging. We offer Rotogravure printing capabilities depending on the quantity of stand up pouches needed and the particular printing scheme required by our clients.